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While there are multiple browsers that you can use for surfing the web, those who spend a lot of time online frequently choose Google Chrome. Chrome comes with integration features that let you link your gmail account with the browser to access more content and to help you more readily get to your frequently used apps.

Chrome is easily one of the fastest web browsers out there. It comes with predictive searches that use Google algorithms to determine what content you want. When you enter a single letter in the search box, it shows you the most common searches that start with that letter. As you enter more letters or words, it gives you a list of suggested searches. Once you log in and use Chrome multiple times, the browser will even learn what you searched for in the past and use that information to predict the content that you need later.

This web browser also offers synchronized searching. When you log into your Google account on other devices, it will keep track of your previous searches. This makes it easier to check sites from two or more devices. Unlike other browsers that will only work with a specific type of operating system, Chrome works with both Android and Apple systems.

When you are in incognito mode, you can search and surf with complete anonymity. Other browsers record all your searches and keep lists of the pages that you viewed in your history. If you want to keep your surfing private, you need to manually delete each page. Chrome has an incognito mode that is perfect for use on shared computers. It will never log any page you view in your history and wipes your viewing history clean once you close the browser or log out of your account.

Google Chrome has a clean and simple layout that anyone can use with ease. It features one long bar across the top of the page that acts as both a search box and an address bar. If you know the site you want to visit, you can type it right into that box. You can also enter a search term and let Google do a search for you. This bar will also keep track of sites that you visited, letting you quickly view some of your favorite sites.

Underneath that bar is an apps button. Clicking this button will take you to a separate page and show you all the available apps. Google Docs is a word processing app that lets you create hundreds of editable files. Other apps let you create slideshow presentations and spreadsheets. Look for fun apps in the app store or access YouTube.

Bookmark your favorite pages with one click of a button. Chrome comes with a small star that sits at the end of the search and address bar. Clicking on the star just once will bookmark the current site you are on. All sites that you bookmark then sit underneath the bar. If you have more bookmarks, you can click on the arrow button on the right of the page to view all those marked pages.

Thanks to its quick start page, you don't even need to use that bar. The start page is the page that pops up when you first launch Chrome. It contains a search bar that lets you search for content without loading Google first. This start page also features a short list of the sites that you visit most often. Each page features its name on the bottom and an image of the page at the top. Clicking any image will automatically load that page.

The options panel is easy to use and lets you make changes based on how you browse. The panel lets you open a new window or a new tab for viewing and gives you the option of opening a new tab for incognito viewing. It also lets you make changes to the page, including zooming in or out, saving a copy of the page or printing that page.

Clicking on the settings option in this panel will let you change your overall browsing experience. You can change the Google account that you use, set Chrome up to always sign you in when you open the browser or change what happens when you open the browser. Chrome lets you decide between loading the start page, setting a specific site as your home page or going back to the last page that you visited.

You also have the option of changing who can use Chrome for searches. Not only can you add a guest to your computer, but you can also set up separate accounts for other users. Anyone living in your house can have his or her own Chrome account. Other users can switch back and forth between accounts without losing your information.

The main flaw with Chrome is that it lacks some of the security support offered by other browsers. It doesn't block all the malware that you encounter and may actually prevent you from viewing certain sites. Chrome also has issues with not importing all log in information and can make some pages look slightly off. However, if you want a solid web browser that offers a mode to keep your viewing private, Google Chrome is one of your best options.


  • Comes with one box that acts as both an address bar and search box
  • Gives you easy access to all your Google apps
  • Offers incognito mode for private viewing
  • Works with thousands of apps and themes
  • Lets you bookmark pages with one click of a button


  • Has some issues with importing and saving log in information
  • May change the layout of some pages
  • Does not block all the malware you encounter
  • Does entail a learning curve for those unfamiliar with Chrome

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